My Website Complete


Choosing the Web Address

Food Photography would have been ideal, however it was probably snapped up by the first food photography website many years ago. I am going to work on the idea that the google search engines will pick up the word combination of “photography” and “food”, therefore I am hoping that my web address choice of “photographer-food” will be picked up by the search engines.

However, I know that the website ranking will be increased with the addition of connected social network sites as well as the ongoing blog which google seems to favour in keeping the website active and fresh.

My Google listing:


Social Media

The next step its to choose social media networks to help with the promotion of my website. Once set up they have to be integrated with the website itself.

Image Gallery

I have added the images to my gallery and they have been saved as small jpegs, no taller than roughly 500 pixels in size and a dpi of 72.

I have kept the image gallery on my site simple and uncluttered for ease of use.