Today I will be compiling my sketches and designs for my logo:

These were a few preliminary ideas i sketched out, then onto photoshop or illustrator to develop further graphically.

I have now realised that my logo is too big and too and too comlex. It will also not look right when it is scaled down, therefore I need to make it more compact and simple.

I have put together a simple sample logo to test which was made from 2 clipart images.

(logo of camera and lime)

This I would like to¬†simplify even more to just use a slice of lime with a couple of initials : “p-f” which would be short for photographer-food.

On looking where the logo will go, I have found that there is no consistent area where my logo will fit in the proportions of the WordPress theme. This seems to be one of the limitations of theme “Striking”.

Therefore the website colour design will have to be consistent with my branding for the Business Cards, Letterheads and Compliment slips.

I have decided to not use a logo in my website.


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FdA Photography at AUCB

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