FdA Photographic Practice Level 5

This blog is my research, composition, development and documentation for the Digital Portfolio Unit for Level 5 of my FdA Photographic Practice Unit. It will include annotated visual reseach on the form of links, screen grabs and my opinions as why certain aspects may or may not work in the development of my website.

This will be a workbook-type format and a collection of information which I have found in magazines, journals, internet sites or other websites.

The website I have produced is a professional food photography website which will be my digital portfolio where clients will be able to see a sample of my food photography, some information about me and a contact page.

Generally, what I need to do is:

  • Choose and Register a Domain Name
  • Choose a web builder
  • Choose a web hosting provider
  • Setup Hosting Space and Email Addresses
  • Design the framework of my website, pages, sub pages, galleries, etc…
  • Install and Configure a number of web pages from the chosen web builder
  • Add  Content and images
  • Set up social networks, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr
  • Connect links to the above social networks
  • Set up blog associated with the food photography website

About leslieaucb
FdA Photography at AUCB

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